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F1600HL 7500psi



F series mud pump
F series Mud pump have the feathers of advanced constructor, small volume, great performance, good interchange ability and easy maintained. So they are applicable to be used in the oil filed drilling technology such as deep oil well and ultra-deep well.
F series Mud pump consist of the hydraulic end and the power end. The power end applies both the constraint lubrication and splashed lubrication; this lubrication way can improve the life expectancy of the power end. As these series mud pumps have longer stroke and can be used in lower impact, effectively improve the pumping performance. Hence the life of the fragile parts in hydraulic end is improved.
This mud pump is produced by strictly refer to the API Spec7k, Drilling and work over equipment specification, and also did the text before it taken out of it taken out of the factory.
1. Advanced structure
2. Small size
3. Great operational performance
4. Good interchangeability
5. Easy maintained
Major Parts for F Series Mud Pumps:

- Crank Shaft Assembly

- Pinion Shaft Assembly

- Crosshead Assembly

- Relief Valve Assembly

- Pulsation Dampener Assembly

- Fluid End Assembly